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Child Guidance

Our child and adolescent psychiatrists treat various problems of children like poor scholastic performance, autism, ADHD and other related psychiatric illness, This is a unique feature if CNH Comprehensive Child Health Center

In - Patient Services

CNH Comprehensive Child Health Centre is equipped with child-friendly paediatric ward and individual rooms. Highly qualified paediatricians are available for consultation round the clock . The nursing staffs are specially trained for paediatric care. Since follow-up care is integral to the overall recovery of the child, special emphasis is placed on this by the team of doctors and nursing staff.

Paediatric And Newborn Transport Facility

CNH Comprehensive Child Health Center has round the clock, fully euipped exclusive paediatric ambulance service and a round the clock, advanced newborn ambulance with transport warmer. Critically ill children will be transport by our transport team headed by a paediatrician. Transport facilities are available to hospital as well as individual clinics.

Out - Patient Services

CNH comprehensive Child Health Centre has a 24 hour out - patient facility with paediatric super speciality consultation. Immunization is done on all days in the OP facility. A growth and nutrition clinic also function as part of the out - patient sevices.

An Extension of Our Vision

CNH Comprehensive Child Health Centre aims to provide high quality, round the clock care to babies who are ill, premature or at high risk for complications. The CNH Comprehensive Child Health Centre also will have under one roof, a diverse array of paediatric sevices aimed at overall well-being of the child.

Paediatric & Neonatal ICU

CNH Comprehensive Child Health Centre is equipped with state of the art PICU. Highly qualified and well trained paediatrician is available round the clock.CNH Comprehensive Child Health Centre is one of those rare centers which has an in-house paediatric intensivist. The PICU is also equipped with advanced invasive and non-invasive ventilation like HFNC etc.,


It is natural to feel anxious about all the people responsible for the health and care of your baby. But be assured - The personnel in CNH comprehensive child health centre are exactly the people you want caring for your child they have each a specialized job to do, and they work as a team to provide complete care to your baby of course, you are at the center of this team in time you may all begin to feel like an extended family.

We will strive to provide clinicians outside chennai national hospital who use this facility for advanced care of their patients a reciprocal environment that makes them feel that CNH comprehensive child health centre is an extension of their own clinic.CNH Comprehensive Child Health Centre has a level III NICU and level II nursery. The NICU is equipped with phototherapy units. Critical tests like BERS & ROP are also performed in NICU.Facility for advanced invasive and non - invasive ventilation exists in NICU too.