Critical Care Hospital in Chennai


Intensive Care Unit (ICU):

It is a 20 bedded state-of-the-art emergency medical unit with facilities for providing multiparameter hemodynamic monitoring and total ventilatory support for critically ill patients.

We are well equipped with these instruments as follows.

  • Physiological Monitoring System - Nihon Kohden (Brand)
  • Ventilator - Covidien llC (Brand)
  • Scanner, Ultrasound - Philips & Newsoft medical systems (Brand)
  • Radiographic Unit, Mobile Unit - Vision Medical (Brand)
  • Defibrillator - Philips Goldway (Brand)
  • ECG Machine - Philips (Brand)
  • Syringe Pump - Fresenius Vial (Brand)
  • Infusion Pump - Fresenius Kabi (Brand)
  • Patient Warmer, Forced Air - Covidien llC (Brand)
  • Feeding Pump - Shenzhen Hawk (Brand)
  • Central Monitoring System - Shanghai Kohden, Good Luck (Brand)
  • Blood Gas Analyzer - Hembree Park Drive (Brand)
  • Light, Surgical mobile - Technomed (Brand)
  • Bipap - Philips (Brand)
  • Nebulizer - Romsons (Brand)
  • Needle Destroyer - Good Luck, MCP(Brand)
  • Sphygmomanometer - Medigold (Brand)
  • Glucometer - Life Scan (Brand)
  • Film Viewer, X-Ray - Avanttec (Brand)
  • Express Sequential Compression Systems - Covidien llC (Brand) Fumigation Machine - Skan Inc (Brand)
  • Fumication Machine - Skan Inc (Brand)

Quicker recovery to help resumption of normal duties:

The procedure involves anaesthetics, either local, general or spinal. The minor incisions through which the arthroscope and surgical instruments are inserted, will, after treatment be covered with dressing and patients will be transferred to the recovery room. Usually, because of the small size of the incisions, in some cases, the patient will be able to continue normal duties after two to three days. Others, such as sportsmen will require longer periods to recover and partake in sporting activities.

Post-surgical care:

The incisions for the insertion of equipment will heal quickly. The surgeon will advise the patient regarding DOs and DONTS, like the nature of activities that can be taken up and those that should not. The patient will also be given a routine of exercise to strengthen the joints.

Safe procedure reduces risks:

Because the procedure involves a small incision, the risk is lesser. The patient will generally be discharged on the same day, except in instances where further treatment or monitoring is required for further intervention.